Travelers + Hosts
Tourism is a set of relationships and phenomena that arise from traveling and visiting a place that is not based permanent residence of visitor. This includes recreation, travel and vacations. Displacement are divided into specific types and forms of tourism. . While tourism types define certain criteria, for example by the length of stay of tourists (residential, weekend and tourism day of travel), specific forms of tourism are characterized by specific travel motive that attracts visitors to specific destinations.
In our case we offer completely voluntarily service where ordinary people can guide visitors through their area. We believe that this is the best option for visitors because local people can show the very authentic parts of the visiting area. People who are signed on are volunteers and determined to help any visitor. Their help range from just simple information to whole service including accommodation for visitors.
This way of connection with visitors and their hosts can last longer and is much cheaper for tourists and their families. Visitors can also offer their services in places where they live. Idea is to build good relationship between travelers and their hosts in all places around the globe.
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